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Vacation Tips

Confirm your vacation reservation, including hotel, air, car, train, dining and activity reservations. A few phone calls before you leave can save you from vacation stress later on.

2. Remember to cancel your home newspaper delivery since newspaper companies usually require you to cancel several business days ahead of time.

3. Organize the credit cards that you are planning to bring with you and order travelers cheques from your bank. Make a list of emergency numbers to call if your credit cards or travelers cheques get stolen

4.If you are visiting a foreign country, order a small amount of that country's currency from your bank to take with you

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Vacation Information In India

India is country with whole lot new feat and adventure to offer. Spend your vacations in India and explore the fascinating dimension encompassed by the exotic state. Retreat your eyes and senses with the enchanting splendor of the state on your vacations in India. Bet on the fact that you will not be dissapointed on your Indian vacations. Entice yourself on your Indian Vacations and make your travel to India a worthwhile experienc

Vacation Information In Malaysia

A World of Fantasy, Excitement and Adventure.Fascinating Malaysia beckons all - especially those who are traveling with their families and young children. Malaysia has a string of thrilling theme parks and fun resorts that will transport one into a world of fantasy, excitement and adventure. In theme parks, heroes and villains come alive in thrilling games. Roller-coasters loop and twirl at terrifying speed as thrill-seekers find themselves free from the daily routine of life and transported into a world of make-believe. Malaysia's range of theme parks generally combine a mixture of water activities, adventure, futuristic experiences, games and rides, while resorts are just the place for relaxation and sightseeing.

Here are few suggestions for great family vacation locations below:

Colomar TropicaleFamilies will enjoy exotic resorts such as Colmar Tropicale - a French-themed resort located in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, approximately 40 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur via the Karak Highway. Situated on 80-acres of forest land and 2,600 ft above sea level, Colmar Tropicale has a host activities and facilities just perfect for the family to enjoy in the beautiful outdoors of the panoramic Pahang mountain range.
Genting Theme ParkFirst on the scene in the world of Malaysia theme park entertainment was Genting, a highland resort about 51 km northeast of Kuala Lumpur. Carved out of the Ulu Kali mountain range at 2000 metres above sea level the hill resort soon acquired the tag 'City of Entertainment' because of the range of entertainment activities. Cool mountain air further added to its lure as a place to get away from it all and be transported into a world of excitement.The Genting Theme Park is divided into indoor and outdoor sections. Indoors, the theme park contains skill games, computerised as well as coin-operated, and an opportunity to go into mysterious landscapes, or experience double action. Space Odyssey 20 zaps you through the darkness of space on a terrifying roller coaster ride.If you want to get a quick glimpse of the attractions of the world, take the Around the World Train Ride where animated figures dressed in their national costumes will greet you as you pass each country's landmarks.Genting is also well-known for its casino which offers Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Keno, French Bull and Tai Sai among its range of games.
A'Famosa Water WorldThis is the southern region's playground for water lovers. Designed for families it offers water-based attractions with safe bathing and water activities for children. Among its novelty rides are high speed slides, body slides and jet skis which enable older children to enjoy action-based thrills on water.For the younger ones, there is the 'Arabian Village', a brightly-coloured playground structure inspired by Moorish architecture. Topped by onion-shaped domes and minarets, the Arabian Village offers unlimited fun for younger children as they climb the steps, go through water tunnels or slide down water tubes and slides.The Lazy River, 504m long and 3 - 9m wide is the longest and widest theme park river in the country and here families can enjoy a leisure ride together aboard a family raft. If you think there is no fun without waves, just head towards the Wave Pool where swelling waves are simulated artificially and recreate the 'seaside atmosphere'. You can experience getting splashed about by waves - but without fear of getting into the 'deep end'.
Bukit Merah LaketownLaketown, at the Bukit Merah Interchange along the North-South Highway. All that you need for a refreshing stay can be found at the resort - the Bukit Merah Laketown Inn, Bukit Merah Laketown Marina Village, and Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark. Surrounded by lush tropical greenery and natural lake, the resort makes a suitable getaway for the whole family.The Bukit Merah Laketown Marina Village is a tourist festival shopping village where you can find a wide variety of shops offering items such as crafts, swim wear and suntan lotions. Its restaurant Cafe Le Lac offers local and international cuisine's while its bakery offers a variety of pastries and cakes. Its four function rooms are available for seminars, exhibitions and events such as wedding dinners or annual get-togethers. For family entertainment, visitors can head towards kids amusement rides and also interactive fountain.The Bukit Merah Laketown Waterpark comprises 8 water attractions, among them a Giant Wave Pool with simulated waves, Slow River Ride, and Raft Tube Slides. The Giant Wave Pool creates waves up to a metre high. For kids there is a Kiddie Bay. A 300m long Slow River cruise on floating tubes is available for adults as well as a specially-designed one for children. The Kid's Water Playground is a unique 'obstacle' playground with big buckets of pouring water and waterjet-guns to spray. The Giant Bubble, a first in Southeast Asia, is a Swedish-made inflated bubble for visitors to climb, bounce, slip and slide. Three Giant Water Flume Slides are provided where you can ride through a 'Midstation' pool or race down the 100m slide directly to the bottom pool. Facilities here include the Bubbles Restaurant, a fast food themed restaurant that serves western and local delights.
Wet WorldLocated in Shah Alam, Wet World was established as a neighbourhood waterpark. It is targeted for families who just want to have a splashing good time without the stunts. There are, however, recreational rides like the Monsoon Buster - the world's longest uphill watercoaster that rises and dips for 222 metres. Facilities include a fast food centre, gift shops and changing areas.

Vacation Information In Singapore

Singapore is a state with many faces. Ultra-modern lifestyle, state-of-the-art transportation and communication systems, rollicking nightlife, mysterious medical art of feng shui, and colorful opera are some faces of this wonderful state. Few places in this incarnation of modernity still retain old-world charm. One journey to this land of surprises is not enough to understand it.
Rustic SingaporeIf one wants to know the life of the locals, one is suggested to visit the eastern part of the island during Singapore vacation, which is away from the bustling city. Board a boat at Changi ferry and be transported to Pulau Ubin. One of Singapore's bigger offshore islands, Pulau Ubin retains a rustic air reminiscent of olden-day Singapore. Savour rusting atmosphere of the place and rejuvenate yourself. On return to the main island, one would be amazed by the stark contrast between the old and the new. Complete your experience with a leisurely MRT train ride back to the city centre. Feng ShuiFeng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which teaches us to harness the powers of nature for our well-being. The enlightening experience begins with a vacation tour to a feng shui establishment where some interesting artefacts are unravelled. An amble through some historical streets would suggest how the feng shui speciality of Singapore has influenced the design of many buildings in Singapore. Understand the role of feng shui philosophy behind the structure of Suntec City.

Milestones TourUrban Redevelopment Authority would give you a glimpse of next-millennium Singapore. Visit in your vacations to Far East Square would take you to the bygone era, for it the place where our nation's Chinese immigrants landed some 170 years ago. Next in the tour is a visual treat. See in detail the milestones of Singapore from her historic founding in 1819 right until the present day. Conclude the vacation tour with a visit to Millenia Singapore.Opera Singapore provides you lively entertainment with its another speciality Chinese opera. Largest Chinese ethnic centre in town is Kreta Ayer or China Town. Kreta Ayer People’s Theater is considered the main venue in Singapore for Chinese opera. The theatre dates back to 1960 when it began as a makeshift stage at the Kreta Ayer Community Center, a place where local Chinese cultural performances could be presented for the community’s residents.New SingaporeThere is absolutely no chance of your missing the new face of Singapore - the ultra-modern face. Sky-kissing buildings, state-of-the-art transport, communication and entertainment centers make the vacation tourists acquainted with the new face of Singapore. Science is employed with great affect for providing entertainment to the people, and Volcano Land as well as 4D Magix are two glittering examples of this fact.

Vacation Information In Thailand

Northern Thailand is one of the most diverse areas on earth. Culturally rich and containing some of the most beautiful scenery in the country it provides an ideal location for a wide range of interested parties. Steeped in a rich colourful identity all of her own Chiang Mai submits an opulent combination of modern city life in parallel with unique age old charm. The city teems with elaborate temples and cultural relics, some originating since the cities inception some 700 years ago. Doi Suthep monastery crowns the mountain overlooking the fertile valley which embraces Chiang Mai. In the city’s famous night bazaar local traders, modern department stores and exotic tribal arrivals combine offering bargains for all.
The city also boasts of numerous international restaurants of all kinds as well as a thriving night life. Nearby Sankampaeng is busy with the time honoured crafts of local artisans. Here the crafts folk utilise their traditional skills to produce intricate products from hand made umbrellas, teak furniture, leather goods, silver / bronze objects and hand made spun silk.
You do not have to travel too far to reach the lush rain forest and exotic tribes that host, just some, of the adventure highlights that have made the North a favoured intrepid visitors destination for over two decades.
Simple tribal villages adorn the mountain sides and offer simple overnight lodgings for adventurous wayfarers. Bamboo rafts are constructed to navigate the many rivers and elephants are harnessed to provide novel transportation means for the adventurer. The sights, sounds and scents of the forest will leave an indelible mark of enchantment on visitors of all ages. Mighty waterfalls proliferate throughout the area naturally supplying an ideal picnic point. The cool, benevolent climate of the North encourages vast assortments of fruit, vegetables and plants to flourish. Visitors can purchase this delicious mouth watering morsels at incredibly low prices.
The latest addition to the areas attractions includes a new conservation site for elephants and the surrounding forest.

Vacation Information In China

One fifth of the world's inhabitants, more than 1.27 billion people, live in China. Luckily, China is also one of the world's largest countries, although the concentration in its major metropolises is in sharp contrast to that of its other, mostly rural farming areas. Its brilliant landscape transforms from the Mongolian deserts to the mountainous Himalayas and includes more than 5,000 islands. Like the geography, everything from the art to the cuisine differs from region to region. Beijing is a city at once old and new, and has been chosen to host the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. Shanghai is the commercial nucleus, while Hong Kong entices with its conflux of Chinese traditions and love of Western culture.